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Assistant Process Improvement Analyst

Date: 04-Apr-2021

Location: QA

Company: Power International Holding

Job Summary

Responsible for documenting and mapping business processes after changes and revisions of relevant process improvements. The APIA will also assist Senior Process Improvement Analyst (SPIA) in finalizing process maps and Delegation of Authority (DoA) matrices.

Job Responsibilities 1

  • Receive all change requests form requested by Business Units in terms of processes, procedures, policies and DoA.
  • Organize summary of all change request and submit the form according to the following:

  Delegation of Authority                          – Senior Improvement Process Analyst

 Organizational Structure / CTC               – Senior Organizational Design Specialist

 Standard Operating Procedures             – QA / QC Manager

  Policy                                                   – Organizational Excellence Manger

  • Prepare and submit revised process maps for all business processes as result of change requests.
  • Draft DoA matrices and approval process maps for all business processes according to the approve change requests.

Job Responsibilities 2

  • Assist in translating master DoA to SAP DoA template by using correct codes and conditions.
  • Prepare progress report of all DoA issuance and translation, process mapping and change requests

Job Knowledge & Skills

  • Business process analysis skills.
  • Advance data analysis skills.
  • Sound communication and collaboration.
  • Thorough knowledge of overall operations methods, procedures and business requirements.

Job Experience

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in process reviews is highly required.
  • 2 years at holding or conglomerate organization is highly required


Agility - Developing
Cultivating Loyalty & Integrity - Developing
Demonstrates Accountability - Developing
Demonstrates Resilience - Developing
Promotes Teamwork - Developing
Shows Entrepreneurial Spirit - Developing
Strives for Innovation - Developing


Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or Information Technology