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Date: 03-Jan-2022

Location: QA

Company: Power International Holding

Job Summary

Provides and facilitates educational guide in the establishments, adopting the role in each establishment, develops activities, prepares procedures and take care of the entire establishment. This position creates memorable and educational guest experiences through personal and group interaction..

Job Responsibilities 1

Principal Accountabilities

  • Provides education, entertainment, and interactive activities for guests.
  • Works closely with staff to coordinate and communicate the program plans to facilitate the best outcome for all groups.
  • Manages equipment and facilities to ensure safety, proper utilization, care, and maintenance

Job Responsibilities 2

AIRPORT EDUTAINER-  Let visitors enter and exit in compliance with Airport and Exit policies and procedures as well as responsible for the safety of the park income money.
1. Performs the ticket sales and inform visitors of park activities.
2. Receives and attend to visitors taking the pertinent actions for the fast entry and exit of the different types of customer in
1. compliance with the pre-established service standards.
2. Receives school visitors, as well as follow the bus reception logistics for the agile and safe boarding and disembarking of visitors.
3. Put on a bracelet on every visitor entering the park and verify no visitor exits without going through the corresponding security
4. procedure so as not to endanger anyone.
5. Maintains queue order to the end of providing each person with good service and attention
6. Participates in night-time events when needed.
7. Provides attention to visitors who need information, to lodge a complaint or to make a suggestion.
8. Provides information on the safekeeping of personal objects and placement of bracelet message on locker usage.
9. Maintains the work equipment clean and functioning directly.
10. Verifies raw and needed material for daily operation (magnets, bracelets, etc.)
11. Ensures the safekeeping of the equipment and area elements at the end of daily activities.

ARTISTIC EDUCATORS- transmit the artistic experience to visitors by using the dynamics and elements in the establishments.
1. Attends to visitors need and provide the best service
2. Provides support to internal or external events.
3. Keeps control of its Kidlars fund.
4. Participates in programmed trainings for the area in order to keep the area's activities updated.
5. Implements the new activities generated for the area.
6. Provides all kinds of support in the establishment
7. Elaborates checklist and reports in order to know the operational status of the establishment.
8. Reports incidences to the coordinator or Manager.
9. Maintains the working area's image and cleanliness.

Additional Responsibilities 3

Job Knowledge & Skills

  • Knowledge of local employment laws/regulations sufficient to analyze proposed personnel policies and country cultural
  • Good English/Arabic Knowledge (oral and written communication)

Job Experience

Total    2 year(s) On Job      1 year(s) GCC     1 year(s)


Agility - Developing
Demonstrates Resilience - Developing
Cultivating Loyalty & Integrity - Developing
Shows Entrepreneurial Spirit - Developing
Demonstrates Accountability - Developing
Strives for Innovation - Developing
Promotes Teamwork - Developing
Focus On Customer Service L1
Customer Engagement
Knowledge of Activity Procedure & SOP


Diploma in any related field