Chef De Partie

Date: 5 Jun 2024

Location: QA

Company: Power International Holding

Job Summary

    The Chef de Partie is responsible for the operation of the kitchen from preparation of ingredients to cooking and allocation of food until the food serving. The role also oversees the inventory control, recipes and ensures production output remains consistent, kitchen efficiency is maintained, ensuring the quality of dishes is as expected, and contributing to the overall success of the culinary operations.

Job Responsibilities 1

    Manage and oversee a specific section or station in the kitchen, such as sauces, grill, or pastry.

    Prepare and cook dishes according to the established recipes and standards.

    Ensure the quality and presentation of dishes meet the culinary standards of the establishment.

    Supervise and train junior cooks and kitchen staff working in the assigned station.

    Contribute to the development and improvement of recipes within the assigned section.

    Monitor and manage inventory for the section, including ordering and stock control.

    Work closely with the Head Chef and other Chef de Parties to ensure overall kitchen coordination.

    Coordinate timing with other sections to ensure timely preparation and service of dishes.

    Contribute to menu planning by providing input on dishes for the assigned section.

    Implement quality assurance measures to maintain consistency in food preparation.

    Adhere to health and safety regulations in the kitchen and ensure staff compliance.

    Stay updated on culinary trends and incorporate innovative cooking techniques.

    Train and develop junior kitchen staff in cooking techniques and station responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities 2

Additional Responsibilities 3

Job Knowledge & Skills

Comprehensive knowledge of culinary techniques, food preparation methods, and cooking principles across various cuisines, ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality dishes.

Skill in menu planning, recipe creation, and dish innovation, with the ability to contribute creative ideas and adapt recipes to meet dietary preferences, seasonal availability, and customer demand.

Experience in kitchen management, including inventory control, stock rotation, and equipment maintenance, as well as the ability to organize and prioritize tasks to ensure efficient operations during service.

Strong leadership skills to supervise and mentor kitchen staff, delegate tasks, and foster a collaborative and productive work environment, promoting teamwork and professional development.

Keen attention to detail to maintain food quality, presentation standards, and hygiene practices, adhering to food safety regulations and ensuring compliance with sanitation procedures in the kitchen.

Job Experience

Minimum 5 year(s) working experience, 3 year(s) relevant working experience, 2 year (s) GCC is a plus


Food Presentation L2
Food Safety and Sanitation L2
Stocks and Sauces L2
Culinary Techniques L2
Knife Skills L2