Chemical Engineer

Date: 22 Jun 2024

Location: QA

Company: Power International Holding

Job Summary

The chemical engineering discipline knowledge and field experience to support and maintain day-to-day reliable operations.

Job Responsibilities 1

In charge of all chemical related activities related to water projects, including swimming pools, water features water treatment in sewage plants and desalination plants.

Handle process activities such as studies and design modification in the operating facilities.

Make design Projections and detailed reports for Desalination projects using membrane-based applications on Seawater, Brackish water, Recycle, TSE polishing and Re-use purpose utilizing process simulations and Software of branded technology providers. 

Develop continuous improvement operating and process solutions by collecting and analyzing operating information and data.

Act as technical consultant on operational and process-related problems.

Manage Water and Wastewater Laboratory Analytical procedures and parameter analysis.

Job Responsibilities 2

Prepare engineering-related documentation as required, such as procedures, reports, Operating Instruction Manuals (OIMs), technical presentations, Management of Change (MOCs).

Initiate and develop innovations, technologies, and procedures to optimize operations and operational costs.

Carryout the job assigned for water treatment for Customer.

Liaise with sales team, contractors, and suppliers for the Water Treatment to provide smooth experience to the clients.

Monitor and evaluate performance to maintain water treatment plant.

Troubleshooting in the following areas: cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, process water treatment, chilled water, wastewater, domestic water, swimming pool water, Grey water, TSE recycling treatment etc.

Additional Responsibilities 3

Job Knowledge & Skills

Knowledge of swimming pools & SPA, wellness solutions, water features, water & wastewater treatment

Knoweledge of (SWRO/BWRO/STP/ETP/Pumping Stations &Networks) is a plus.

Software Design Knowledge Water & Wastewater for process calculations and normalization.

Valid Light Duty Driving License Essential.

Must be confident with engineering and design principles related to process engineering. Must have experience in process engineering and design applications. 

Ability to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of industry standards and procedures, such as API and ASMI codes, required to support the review of company standards, projects reviews and implementation of plant modifications to process systems.

Job Experience

Minimum 5 years of Total work experience

Minimum 3 years of Role related work experience 

Minimum 3 years in GCC (Preferred)


Chemical Safety L2
Irrigation Systems L2
Sanitation L2
Troubleshooting L2


Diploma in Chemical Engineering or any Related Technical Certificates