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Procurement & Warehouse Manager

Date: 02-Oct-2022

Location: Ad Dawhah, QA

Company: Power International Holding

Job Summary

The Procurement & Warehouse Manager is responsible for the efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of a wide range of goods including, but not limited to materials, tools, machinery, auto fleet, PPE and clothing, while implementing measures to increase the company’s effectiveness and efficiency. As in purchase need to meet the daily demands required by the office and field staff to perform as efficiently as possible.  They need to be able to work with vendors to eliminate the company’s risk.  They need to be proactive and aware of all related markets.  As in warehouse required to manage people, processes and systems.  They ensure productivity targets are met and maintain an administration of Abacus storage and retrieval system, which will be moving to a computerized methodology. 

Job Responsibilities 1

Implement Procurement & Material Management’s policies and processes in order to achieve primary healthcare center objectives.

Plan, organize, and control warehouse operations.

Receive and inspect all incoming materials, compare information on packing slip with purchase order to verify accuracy of shipment, inspect shipment for damages or defects, record discrepancies or damages in shipments and reconcile with purchase orders.

Deliver received and inspected materials, supplies (Pharma, Medical and others), and equipment to the user’s section as requested.

Examine and inspect stock items for any discrepancies in physical counts of stock or defects / expiry in order to report any damage to the corporate office’s Stores Supervisor, and dispose defective, expired or damaged items accordingly.

Ensure that all equipment / items have been properly labelled and inspected.

Issue items to various sections through automatic replenishment system or on store issue voucher and obtain authorized signatures for accepted items.

Job Responsibilities 2

Update computerized store management system with details of material received and issued.

Clean receiving, storage, packing and dispatching areas; bins, shelves, and cupboards, if needed, and report any defect / damage observed in the storage facility including the walls, floors, roofs, windows and doors to the corporate office’s Stores Supervisor.

Store items / equipment in an orderly manner to ensure easy accessibility for this items / equipment.

Ensure training & development services are successfully and meaningfully being delivered and provide feedback to the corporate office’s Stores Supervisor.

Ensure quality, delivery budget and environmental objectives are met

Assist with the Coordination the use of automated moving into computerized systems

Additional Responsibilities 3

Maintenance of vehicles, machinery and equipment, including spot check of vans, Sprinters for inventory shortages/overages

Maintain standards of health, safety, hygiene and security in the work environment

Delegate some responsibilities to appropriate subordinates in order to ensure a smooth flow of operations.

Participate in the recruitment, selection, evaluation, and supervision of approved staff.

Maintains materials files and records system so as to track and control materials as appropriate.

Prepare reports that cover all Store activities for the Direct Manager, as requested.

Any other task as assigned by management on a time-to-time basis as per the organization's needs.

Job Knowledge & Skills

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.Strong supervisory and leadership skills.Ability to anticipate and solve problems.Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.Ability to meet deadlines.Proficient with data entry and inventory software and systems • ERP knowledge preferably SAP functional skills are a requirement to be successful in this role.

Job Experience

Minimum 7 years of Experience with certificate


Creates Strategy - Developing
Develops Future Leaders - Developing
Drives Performance - Developing


Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or any related field