Date: 31 May 2024

Location: QA

Company: Power International Holding

Job Summary

As an autonomous practitioner and key multi-disciplinary team member, the Optometrist will provide highly specialist, holistic assessment through a patient centred model of care.  Utilizing a broad range of equipment, assessment techniques and education, they will provide exceptional visual healthcare.  Based in the OPD and supporting a number of Ophthalmology colleagues, they will demonstrate critical thinking and the ability to perform as a valuable member of the multi-disciplinary team. 

Where applicable, they will be expected to mentor less experienced staff members, to effectively manage patients and promote knowledge sharing and skill acquisition, through a variety of formal and informal sessions, and peer review activities.  They will be required to advocate for Optometry services in all interactions at departmental and business unit level. 

Job Responsibilities 1

​​Provides highly specialist, critically reasoned and holistic, Optometry assessments, for inpatients and outpatients, referred with varying complexities encompassing physical, psychological, emotional, and social aspects. 

​Acts as a primary healthcare practitioner of the eye and visual system, providing comprehensive eye and vision care, including refraction, fitting, and dispensing of corrective lenses, performing ophthalmic diagnostic tests and the rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system. 

​Provides goal orientated, evidence based and clinically reasoned treatment plans alone and in conjunction with an integrated team of physicians, nurses, and other Allied Health Professionals. 

​Provides effective and safe patient (and family) education to assist in management of and/or recovery. 

​Takes an active role within the development of the optometry service, delivering In-Service Training, facilitating/delivering the training and development of non-optometry staff, and sharing knowledge and skills where appropriate. 

​Manages own time and caseload with an awareness of the limitation of the service and a knowledge of specialist facilities and appropriate referral and provides support to colleagues and direct reports to manage their caseload. 

​Acts as a key figure within the organisation, in the provision of specialist knowledge and skill in the optometry assessment, management and treatment of patients, within a broad scope or defined clinical specialism. 

​Adheres to all departmental and facility wide policies, procedures, risk assessments and processes in the interests of maintaining a safe and effective work environment and promoting the highest quality patient care experience. 

Job Responsibilities 2

​Practises clear, concise, and timely documentation of clinical records including (but not limited to) initial assessment, re-evaluation, treatment sessions, discharge planning, referral letters and reports using a variety of digital applications and IT systems. 

​Takes responsibility for health safety and security and day to day maintenance of equipment and working environment, reporting issues via appropriate channels. 

​Maintains appropriate infection control practices and training, to maintain the safety of patients and colleagues. 

​Undertakes clinical and non-clinical audit tasks, as assigned, aimed at informing the facility leadership on performance in critical areas as deemed necessary. 

​Maintains and develops own knowledge and skills through further learning activities related to the role of optometry within the organisation. 

​Functions at all times in accordance with the national laws and regulations, legislative, regulatory and policy guidelines relevant to the scope of optometry practice in the State of Qatar.

Additional Responsibilities 3

Job Knowledge & Skills

Expertise in the assessment of complex visual presentations, arising from a broad spectrum of clinical conditions in children and adults, within an MDT setting. 

Evidence of recent, relevant CME/CPD.  

Expertise in the formation and implementation of goal orientated treatment plans. 

Proficiency in the administration of standardized outcome measure testing applicable to area of work. 

Expertise in the application of evidence-based practice. 

Job Experience

  • Overseas candidates: 

 - A minimum of two (2) years of experience in the field of Optometry (post-graduation is required for Bachelor’s/Doctor of Optometry degree holders). 

 - A minimum of three (3) years of experience in the field of Optometry (post-graduation is required for 3 year-diploma holders).  

- Experience is only acceptable if covered by a valid license to practise (a valid home country (or other country) license, covering the required years of experience is required). 

For Qatari Nationals, Qatar Universities graduates, offspring of Qatari women or offspring of residents, they are required to complete a training period of one year under supervision of a licensed healthcare practitioner (Refer to DHP Circular No.24/2020).




Bachelor's Degree in Science or any related field
Diploma in Science or any Related Technical Certificates