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Planning Manager 2

Date: 28-Sep-2021

Location: QA

Company: Power International Holding

Job Summary

The Planning Manager oversees all the staff planning and ensures good practices are applied in project controls and planning in all projects. Highlights to management overall progress, delays, and areas of concerns in all projects. Additionally, supports projects in delay analysis and any complex project controls related issues whenever required.

Job Responsibilities 1

Principal Accountabilities

  • Prepares of Manpower & Revenue Forecast
  • Plans and Monitors Daily Manpower Requirements and Deployments
  • Oversees Preparation of Various Planning Reports including Progress & KPI Reports
  • Reviews and Analyzes Technical Documents from Projects to Understand Workshops Scope
  • Reviews and Prepares responses to all formal correspondences


Job Responsibilities 2

1. Ensures that the planning and scheduling practices in all projects are consistent with the corporate procedure and best practices to achieve standardization

  • Ensures that all interim progress reports and programs will be prepared as per the IMS procedures at all time.

2. Notifies the management of major delays in the projects and the status of progress and delays to ensure early alert of issues and concerns.

  • Ensures preparation of project dashboard on monthly basis and communicate delays through memos, emails, web reporting etc. whenever needed.

3. Supports projects in preparation of EOT claims and the appropriate methods in delay analysis.

  • Ensures to assist projects in preparation of EOT claims whenever required

4. Monitors the database needed for the planning department in terms of resources, productivity rates, cost accounts, activity codes, project codes, calendars and WBS.

  • Ensures compliance by all projects to the corporate standards

5. Develops systems for tracking procurement in all projects and highlight delays in the process.

  • Ensures to supply projects and train staff with an efficient system to track the procurement

6. Develops system to properly manage Labour resources in all projects to prepare a proper consolidated report

  • Ensures to supply projects and train staff with the efficient systems to report manpower and PMV requirements in all     projects.

7. Receives Project Enquiry and Quantity Forecast for Analysis and Checking

8. Provides Project Enquiry Documentations such as Drawings, Specification, and BOQ to QS Division

9. Reviews and Submits Monthly Manpower Capacity Report to study the current manpower holding

10. Reviews and Submits Monthly Consolidated Manpower Forecast

11. Initiates and manages Manpower Requisition, Releases, and Transfer based on Manpower Forecast

12. Organizes Meeting with Project Team for all ongoing works or any clarification

13. Reviews Bill of Quantity based on Forecast and Capacity

14. Prepares and submits Budget Cost based on Man-hour and Program for Site Operations as a basis for monitoring

15. Certifies Daily Site Progress Report from Project Superintendence’s/ Project Coordinators

16. Reviews and Submits Daily/Weekly Productivity Report

17. Reviews Cost Monitoring Plan in coordination with Workshops Commercial Division

18. Implements and Supervises Operation Workflow

Additional Responsibilities 3

Job Knowledge & Skills

  • Knowledge in Principles of Planning and Project Management
  • Knowledge in Construction Law, Change Management, and principles and practices of research and data collection
  • Knowledge of Safety, Quality and Cost Objectives
  • Familiarity with Planning practices and the associated software such as Advanced Primavera6
  • Knowledge in building construction planning and scheduling
  • Strong cost control knowledge & knowledge in preparation of EOT claims & delay analysis
  • Advanced level of knowledge of engineering, procurement, contracts, construction, and startup work processes
  • Familiar with local and international standards in construction

Job Experience

Total    12 year(s) On Job      7 year(s) GCC     4 year(s)


Shows Entrepreneurial Spirit - Proficient
Agility - Proficient
Strives for Innovation - Proficient
Demonstrates Resilience - Proficient
Creates Strategy M2
Demonstrates Accountability - Proficient
Drives Performance M2
Cultivates Loyalty & Integrity - Proficient
Promotes Teamwork - Proficient
Develops Future Leaders M2
Knoweldge Of The Hse Measures L2
Knowledge Of Qa/Qc Measures L2
Computer Skill Operating Planning Software (Primavera, Ms Projects, Etc.) L2
Computer Skills Working On Ms Office Suits, Mainly Excel L2
Ability To Calculate The Pre-Requisite Resources For The Planned Work L2
Ability To Plan A Given Work Package L2
Ability To Calculate The Delay Impact For An Event L2


Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering or Engineering
Profesional degree in MMUP Engineer Registration (UPDA) or PMP