Senior QA/QC Inspector

Date: 3 Apr 2024

Location: QA

Company: Power International Holding

Job Summary

The Senior QA/QC Inspector ensures that work/projects are delivered based on good work practices and project specifications to guarantee completion of work at the given time with quality of work that meets or even exceeds the client’s expectations by implementing international quality standards plans and quality procedures in all the construction activities.

Job Responsibilities 1

Assists Senior QAQC Engineer and QA/QC Engineer on any quality related works at the site and in implementing the corporate quality management system as per approved Project Quality Plan.

Inspects all incoming materials as per project specifications and approved material submittals.

Monitors WIRs and Test reports and updates the QA/QC Manager and site team on the status.

Follows QA/QC Plans, Approved Method of Statements, Approved Test Plans and Approved Drawings during the project in order to meet the project quality requirements and client’s expectations.

Ensures that all available Method Statements, ITPS and Drawings are approved and the last revision.

Makes sure that all approved Method statements, ITPs and Drawings are followed on sites and all superseded documents are removed from the site.

Prepares work inspection requests (WIR) for each construction activity and submits to consultant to ensure it covers all the construction activities done on site.

Inspects all site items properly and thoroughly before calling the consultant for inspection.

Job Responsibilities 2

Sees to it that work inspections are carried out as per the plans and advise the construction team for the corrections/corrective actions to avoid the rejection of work.

Verifies all drawings used in the inspection are approved and last revision.

Monitors work inspection during the first submission reaches 90% passing rate.

Conducts quality field talks (QFT) and method statement briefing for all the activities.

Performs method statement briefing for each and every construction activity.

Ensures all incoming materials are checked as per the project specifications and approved material submittals.

Checks all materials if inspected internally before consultant inspection and raises NCR to the supplier in case the delivered material is substandard.

Monitors WIRs and test reports and update Management, Construction Team, Planning, Quantity Surveyors and Cost Control Departments about the current job status.

Monitors if the records are maintained for all work and material inspection and provides the data when needed.

Additional Responsibilities 3

Job Knowledge & Skills

• Knowledge of local employment laws/regulations sufficient to analyze proposed personnel policies.Knowledge of work related standards and specifications like QCS2014, ISO9001:2015, ASTM, BS, ACI, AASHTO etc.Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, CAD).Well verse on the Quality Management System (QMS) or Integrated Management System (IMS).

• ERP knowledge preferably SAP functional skills are a requirement to be successful in this role.

Job Experience

8 years Total

4 years On Job

2 years GCC


QA Reviews and Inspections L2
Material testing & Standard awareness L2
Quality Control and Conformance L2
Document & Record Control L2
Standard Operating Procedures L2


Diploma in Engineering or Lead Auditor certification (ISO 9001 or equal) or ASQC certification (CQM/CQE).
Bachelor's Degree in in any Engineering related discipline (e.g. Mechanical, Electrical) or any related field