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Date: 29-Sep-2021

Location: QA

Company: Power International Holding

Job Summary

Responsible for all engineering/technical aspects of the company’s operations, inclusive of value engineering opportunities, construction and overall methodology, method statements, engineering design drawings, shop drawings and material submittals and follow up approval.

Job Responsibilities 1

2.Construction Management

  • Participates in the development of  the project program consistent with contracted constraints
  • Contributes in the development of the PQP.
  • Contributes in Construction management plan CMP “Participate in the strategy, plan, coordination and execution of all majors and minor project activities utilizing consultants and subcontractors coordination and technology”
  • Contributes in preparing the logistic plan and submit for consultant approval.
  • Participates in the preparation of the mobilization plan With HSE manager, QAQC manager, to Contribute in preparing  and submitting the site evacuation plan With HSE manager, Construction manager, contribute in preparing and submitting of traffic management plan.
  • Contribute in the preparation of HSE plan

3.DC system and procedures

  • Set up the company DC system on the project site and ensure it’s compliance with IMS procedures.
  • Implements all relevant company Integrated Management System processes and procedures on the project.

4.Technical and Engineering Management:    Ensure all engineering work is produced in accordance with the company’s Policies and Standards.

  • Coordinate and interface closely with all Project Directors and Project Managers to ensure no delay or interruption with current ongoing engineering functions while overall company engineering function is standardized, enhanced and centralized. Manage to review operating procedures and systems and develop these to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Manage to present and explain proposals, reports, and findings to clients
  • Compile and maintain a matrix of all resources engaged in engineering/technical aspects of projects, assess and update on their capabilities.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the engineering/technical resources and recommend measures necessary to raise the competency levels.
  • Review all project technical specifications and procedures and amend as appropriate and applicable.
  • Coordination with Project Directors, Project Managers, Construction Managers and Procurement Managers to initiate all engineering requirements inclusive of method statements and other related engineering submittals.
  • Establish a software library for all generic and project specific engineering submittals.
  • Review, prepare and approve all temporary work design, such as tower crane foundations and all other temporary works such as formwork, shoring systems, etc.
  • Coordinate all activities related to design and construction to ensure that design packages under preparation for handover to operations are fully compliant with operational requirements, in that they will provide:-
  • Detailed GA Drawings

Job Responsibilities 2

Principal Accountabilities

  • Directs projects, making detailed plans to accomplish goals and directing the integration of technical activities
  • Ensures effective daily management of the Technical/Engineering to ensure the provision of required level of services in a pro-active and professional manner to enable other departments to fulfil their role.
  • Delivers the programme to the client within the timescale and contribute to compliance with the Quality Management System

Essential Function

1.Team Management / Leadership : Lead the team; manage key stakeholders relationships, resources, budget and team members to ensure the achievement of quality outcomes and reports.

  • Manages the engineering team on the project site, provide directions, strategy, daily/weekly/monthly tasks and work plan for the team members.
  • Maintains good relationship with all project key stakeholders and the engineering team member.
  • Oversees and manages weekly and monthly reports for the engineering deliverables.
  • Ensures to increase the efficiency of the technical team performance using smart approaches,
  • Ensures the quality of deliverables with minimum budget for the staff.
  • To be member of the project steering committee and contribute in all important strategic decisions/ directions for project.

Additional Responsibilities 3

Job Knowledge & Skills

  • Advanced Knowledge in engineering principles, techniques, policies, and procedures
  • Excellent knowledge of material engineering properties and local/global availability of materials
  • Excellent technical skills and ability to organize and oversee preparation of technical drawings
  • Knowledge of Project Management

Job Experience

Total    10 year(s) On Job      5 year(s) GCC     3 year(s)


Shows Entrepreneurial Spirit - Proficient
Agility - Proficient
Strives for Innovation - Proficient
Demonstrates Resilience - Proficient
Creates Strategy M2
Demonstrates Accountability - Proficient
Drives Performance M2
Cultivates Loyalty & Integrity - Proficient
Promotes Teamwork - Proficient
Develops Future Leaders M2
Industrial Buildings Architectural Design/Drafting L2
Civil Buildings Design/Drafting Finishing Details Design L2
Consolidation And Renovation Analysis L2
Knowledge In Engineering Programs (Photoshop, 3D Max,Revert) L2


Bachelor's Degree in Engineering
Profesional degree in MMUP Engineer Registration (UPDA)