Technician - CSSD - Elegancia Health Care

Date: 12 Feb 2024

Location: QA

Company: Power International Holding

Job Summary

The CSSD Technician is responsible for retrieval and decontamination of soiled instruments, containers, and case carts. Completes sterile processing tasks pertaining to the inspection, testing, assembly, packaging, sterilizing and delivery of instruments and other reusable medical devices according to departmental policies and industry best practice standards. Works closely with end user departments for supplies and equipment and maintains established inventory levels of sterile instrumentation/supplies. Inspects and identifies instruments needing repair by following established repair guidelines and procedures. Demonstrates an understanding and awareness of quality control/assurance expectations for sterile processing operations.

Job Responsibilities 1

Performs sterile processing functions in decontamination and clean assembly areas in a safe and technical manner consistent with departmental policies and procedures, and best practice standards

Inspects, tests, and assembles instrument trays, using protocol sheets and Manufacturer Instructions for Use (IFU) documents as a guide when preparing for sterilization

Sterilizes hospital instruments, utensils, linen, and supplies using high temperature, low temperature, and high-level disinfection according to established procedures and following regulatory requirements. Dispenses requested sterile and clean supplies/equipment. Assigns priority to emergency requests and issues

Disassembles and cleans instrumentation and equipment. Reassembles instrumentation and tests for proper functioning. Tags any instrumentation needing repair. Wears personal protective gear when washing and disinfecting equipment and instruments

Delivers missing instruments or pick-ups and/or replaces malfunctioning or damaged instruments as needed from applicable OR units as assigned

Job Responsibilities 2

Submits incomplete instrument list if replacement instruments are needed, missing from tray or damaged. Utilizes computerized instrument tracking system and refers to manufacture’s IFU’s. Wraps all trays using proper protocols and procedures

Maintains assigned work area in a clean and organized condition to maintain required standards for handling sterilized and clean materials and to maintain a safe work environment

Performs safe and effective operation of equipment used to perform sterile processing tasks such as washer disinfectors, sterilizers, incubators, and automated instrument management computer system hardware

Develops a sound knowledge of our Quality Management System

Assist in the training/mentoring of other decontamination technicians

Will assist with quality assurance, quality projects, and internal audits as required

Working knowledge of microbiology and infection control principles.

Additional Responsibilities 3

Job Knowledge & Skills

• Ability to operate mechanical/medical devices and/or equipmentKnowledge of science/learning/specialized intellectual instruction to analyze, interpret or make deductions from varying facts or circumstancesAbility to provide and/or support a level of work excellence and accuracy; recognize and address flaws or errors that others may overlookDemonstrated time management and priority setting skillsConvey and/or receive written/verbal information to/from various audiences in different formatsUse software applications and operate technological devices (e.g., computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)Demonstrated knowledge and skills to enhance and adapt work, services and/or care based on the needs of the specific population served

• ERP knowledge preferably SAP functional skills are a requirement to be successful in this role.

Job Experience

3 years of total work experience

2 years of revelant work experience

1 year in GCC (preferred)




High School Diploma
Bachelor's Degree in any related field