Ward Clerk - Elegancia Health Care

Date: 20 Jun 2024

Location: QA

Company: Power International Holding

Job Summary

Under the general supervision of a licensed caregiver, the Ward Clerk will coordinate the administrative functions of the nursing department. The Ward Clerk works in collaboration with other departments to maintain adequate supplies and track the status of equipment repairs.

The Ward Clerk demonstrates effective communication and customer service skills with patients, family members, physicians, and other medical center departments in compliance with the medical center's customer service goals. The Ward Clerk performs various administrative activities or tasks specific to the unit needs, acting as a receptionist for the department, answering and relaying patient calls, and accepting and relaying other communications.

Job Responsibilities 1

Greets all visitors to the unit and assumes responsibility for responding to customer requests.

Performs all clerical/administrative functions necessary to process and maintain medical records. Responsible for assisting with inventory control of operational and unit specific forms, medical record forms, and office supplies.

Maintains logs of equipment and repairs. Liaisons with other departments to ensure necessary repairs are scheduled and accomplished in a timely manner.

Enters patient information into patient call light system and responds to patient calls and routes requests to staff.

Performs ADT tasks.

Reduces the risk of patient harm resulting from falls – communicates patient requests in a timely manner to registered nurse.

Job Responsibilities 2

Provides orientation to all float and new staff as appropriate.

Updates the assignment board accordingly. Ensure that the nurses’, physicians’ and clinical partners’ names and phone numbers are properly updated.

Always maintains a clean and organized workstation.

Always maintains patient confidentiality.

Manages deliveries to the pneumatic tube station.

Ensures that all patient calls and call lights are answered in a timely manner, triage calls or patient requests to the appropriate person, or escalate to the charge nurse, if necessary.

Additional Responsibilities 3

Job Knowledge & Skills

Ability to convey and/or receive written/verbal information to/from various audiences in different formats

Ability to communicate expectations and priorities, and clarify roles and responsibilities

Ability to apply process improvement principles

Ability to provide and/or support a level of work excellence and accuracy; recognize and address flaws or errors that others may overlook

Ability to use discretion and maintain privacy, confidentiality, or anonymity

Ability to interpret and apply knowledge of standards to comply with regulations

Ability to apply knowledge of information software and/or hardware to provide solutions and/or support

Possess a strong computer competency comprised of a working knowledge of Windows or comparable system (specifically including keyboarding and mouse skills)

Ability to demonstrate time management and priority setting skills

Job Experience

1 years experience in a medical setting or successful completion of an approved course in hospital clerical responsibilities

1 year in GCC preferred




High School Diploma in Medical first aid (VI/4), Seafarer with designated security duties VI/6,Ship security officer VI/5,Security awareness or security training or any Related Technical Certificates